Nationals T shirt Competition

To all those budding artistes out there,
Once again we are looking for a design for our National Hang-gliding competition which is being held in Monte Cucco, Italy in June.
Last year we had some excellent ideas and a lot of creativity and we're hoping that this year you'll be able to come up with even better designs.
There is no rule around how your design should look, however there are a couple of tips:

  • It would be ideal if the design incorporated 'British National Hang-gliding Championships 2017' or 'British Nationals 2017' or something similar.
  • It is easier for printing and a better quality can be achieved for less expense if there are limited colours in the design - eg. 3 or 4 colours.
  • Note how the winning design for the Nationals in 2016 was very simple with it's colour scheme - though do not think you have to copy this style.

Please send any entries to me by email by 14th February 2016. You have got until Valentine's day!

  • The winner will be decided by the Competition Panel and your design may be subject to alteration.
  • The prize is the satisfaction of seeing all those pilots wearing your design and the public admiration of your artistic skills.

Thank you and good luck!