Richard Hunt has recently been working on some updates to Tracker which, given I haven't sent one for a while, I thought worthy of an email update.

The new version of Tracker is now in Google Play; the changes since V7.0 (which introduced signed IGC files*) are:

  • Option to use barometer added.  If selected, QNE is then included in any IGC file and QNH, set to initial GPS height, is used for altitude.
  • Removed GPS logging interval, now determined by the software
  • Removed deprecated "control radios"
  • Waits two seconds longer for a better lock before starts logging
  • Bug fix - start position now included in livetrack if using "start after" feature
  • Battery level % now included in text messages
  • Website updated (

Note that using the barometer will slightly increase the drain on your battery but, on my phone at least, not by much.  Also using barometric altitude is preferred for LiveTrack24 and will give much cleaner results.  It defaults to off so I recommend enabling and trying it first, any problems please let me know.

For retrieve drivers, I would also like to draw attention to the "Retrieve Bus" app - details on the website.  This is from another developer and shows all your received Tracker messages on one map - particularly useful if more than one pilot.